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  • November 13, 2024
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Consumer Awareness Campaign

Michigan stands alone as the only state with a cooperative advertising strategy for over two decades. Research shows our efforts continue to connect with diverse Michiganders, raising awareness for the credit union difference and helping drive one of the highest membership penetration rates in the country. Our Try a Credit Union campaign also serves as an advocacy tool with our local and national legislators to raise awareness for all credit unions and to emphasize credit unions’ impact on people’s lives.


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Try a Credit Union

In 2023, the Try a Credit Union campaign generated almost 107 million impressions and almost 580,000 clicks on our new website, tryacreditunion.com. Equally as impressive, the campaign’s organic social media presence generated more than 7.5 million impressions and almost 60,000 link clicks.

With support from credit union contributions and matching funds, Michigan proudly holds a 100% participation rate for the eighth year in a row. Because of the generosity and participation of many Michigan credit unions over the years, the consumer awareness campaign continues a longstanding partnership to make an impact across the state. Nearly 60% of the Michigan population are members of a credit union, which well exceeds the national average of 41%. Together, we can continue to make a difference for Michiganders.


2024 Media Plan

By 2034, Gen Z will have become the largest generation of consumer-spenders ever in the United States at an estimated 78 million people. This age range currently spends $143 billion per year and will be the largest consumer-spender generation by 2034. While this group is known for being practical with their money, MCUL understands there is a lack of awareness and knowledge of credit unions and how advantageous they can be to personal financial health.

For over 22 years, our CU Difference campaign reached millions in Michigan; in 2023, we continued our focus on younger generations, leveraging social media and various other platforms. In 2024, we intend to continue our research of emerging media strategies, focusing on increased engagement among Gen Z members to drive even greater credit union exposure for that age group.

New for 2024!
Join our campaign and become an Awareness Champion (Formerly Full-Fair-Share)

For the past eight years, all Michigan credit unions have contributed to our consumer awareness campaign. Every member enjoys reduced dues and makes a small contribution to the campaign. Additionally, credit unions can contribute at the Awareness Champion level and receive exclusive new benefits in 2024.

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Sign up to support the campaign today!

Together, we can continue to make a difference for Michiganders. Your Awareness Champion contribution will help us reach millions of Michigan residents and raise their awareness of the credit union difference. Please join the Try a Credit Union cooperative awareness effort in 2024 by pledging your support today!

For more information, reach out to CULink@MCUL.org or your League Representative.

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