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  • June 5, 2024
    MCUL & Affilliates Annual Convention & Exposition
  • November 13, 2024
    IRA Essentials and Advanced Workshop

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Michigan Credit Union League

Executive Office

  • Patty Corkery: President/CEO

Corporate Planning and Executive Support

  • Jennifer Kreft: Executive Association Administrator
  • Mary Rabban: Director, Corporate Planning and Executive Support
  • Aria Ottenbreit: Administrative Assistant


  • Wendy Vadnais: Chief Financial Officer
  • Heidi Kubinski: Administrative Services Supervisor
  • Matt Hull: Director, Finance Administration
  • Bobbie Kelsey: Director of HR
  • Anthony Samotis: Payroll & Benefits Manager
  • Danielle Buford: Accounting Supervisor
  • Erica Glass: Accounting Assistant
  • Kellen Martin: Accountant
  • Katelynn Maurer: Accountant
  • Tovonne Thomas: Accounting Assistant
  • Tasia Evans: Talent & Engagement Manager


  • Haleigh Krombeen: Senior Director of League Engagement and General Counsel


  • Kieran Marion: EVP, Advocacy

Legislative and Regulatory Affairs

  • Todd Jorns: Director of Federal Advocacy
  • DaeSean Ashby: Director of State Advocacy
  • Bradley Willett: Director of Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

Michigan Credit Union Foundation

  • Andrea Tucker: Executive Director of Michigan CU Foundation
  • Beth Troost: Michigan CU Foundation

Corporate Marketing and Communications

  • Rick Weaver: Senior Director of Communications
  • Shawn Glinis: Media and Publications Editor
  • Amber Vsetula: Graphic Designer & Association Services Representative

League Services

  • Renee L. Werth: EVP, League Services & MCULSC

Education and Events

  • Janet Ormsby: Senior Director of Events
  • Monica Strucinski: Senior Events Planner
  • Megan Stander: Senior Events Planner
  • Jennifer Ganem: Marketing Project Manager
  • Rebekah Yeary: Events Specialist

Michigan Solutions

  • Stephanie Heidt: League Representative
  • Vanessa Marvin: League Representative
  • Tony Zorza: League Representative
  • Nangela Piersall: Card Program Manager
  • Mary Turczyn: Engagement Specialist

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