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  • November 13, 2024
    IRA Essentials and Advanced Workshop

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Credit unions need up-to-date compliance information on a daily basis, as well as resources to assist them in staying compliant in an ever-changing regulatory environment. MCUL provides this support through a suite of compliance resources and products, including the Compliance Helpline, InfoSight, CU PolicyPro and ComplySight. Together, these create a comprehensive suite of management tools and policy and regulatory guidance that will ensure Michigan credit unions continue to meet compliance standards.

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  • Jun
    Cheers! to Compliance

    CU compliance pros talk current compliance challenges, mixing learning with a dash of fun.

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DIFS Credit Union Bulletins

Bulletin 2023-07-BT/CF/CU/INS

Impact of the Amended Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act on the Insurance and Financial Services Industries (supersedes Bulletin 2020-34-INS)


Bulletin 2025-15-CU

Field of Membership: Groups Whose Common Bond Is Common Interests, Activities, Or Objectives



Bulletin 2021-40-CU

CUSO Investment Compliance and Safety and Soundness Considerations (supersedes Bulletin 2005-12-CU)


Bulletin 2021-21-CU

Credit Union Membership Eligibility for Legal Entities (supersedes Bulletin 2021-12-CU)



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