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FUEL Michigan

FUEL MI, (Fueling, Uplifting, Educating Leaders) a Young Professionals Networking Group, was formed with support from the Michigan Credit Union Foundation (MCUF) to encourage lifelong involvement with credit unions.

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Young Professionals Sustaining the CU Movement

FUEL MI, funded in part by the Michigan Credit Union Foundation, aims to expand, support and provide opportunities for networking, collaboration, leadership development and cooperative community outreach for emerging credit union professionals.

The FUEL MI Young Professionals Networking Group is searching for driven and dedicated young professionals who are passionate about sustaining the credit union movement to join the statewide program. Group members will meet five times a year and be responsible for determining and implementing methods for participants to connect, interact and learn about the credit union industry and movement, as well as actively participate in community outreach initiatives throughout Michigan.

The group will focus on expanding opportunities for young professionals in the credit unions in these areas:


Join the FUEL MI Young Professionals Networking Group and become part of a dynamic community of driven professionals dedicated to sustaining the credit union movement.

2024 Meeting Schedule

Explore our meeting schedule to stay informed about upcoming gatherings and connect with fellow FUEL MI Young Professionals.



FUEL MI Group Leaders

Casey Clark
Casey Clark
844-238-4228 ext. 1950
team member 2
Kyle Gurzynski
team member 3
Kyle Trondle
(248) 588-6688
team member 4
Kyle Zagunis

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