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  • November 13, 2024
    IRA Essentials and Advanced Workshop

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Leading Together

192 Credit Unions, 5.99 Million Members Strong
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192 Credit Unions, 5.99 Million Members Strong

The strength of the Michigan credit union movement lies in its 192 credit unions. These institutions, with thousands of exceptional leaders, collaborate to serve our 5.99 million members effectively. As an MCUL member, your affiliation extends beyond us to include all 192 Michigan credit unions. Together, in partnership with our national association, we form a powerful network of credit union advocates and reliable financial partners.

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On behalf of the Michigan Credit Union League, thank you for your support over the past year. Our 2023 Annual Convention & Exposition, as well as year-round education and advocacy events, were filled with meaningful conversations and networking opportunities because of our members’ collaborative spirit.

This year was full of challenges, whether it was inflation, rising interest rates, the threat of the Credit Card Competition Act or “junk fees” rhetoric. Through it all, Michigan credit unions stood strong as a united front in Washington, D.C. and as financial providers to 5.99 million members. MCUL is honored to be a part of a movement that is dedicated to making Michigan a better place.

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The league system operates as a unified and influential force, dedicated to serving credit unions at both state and federal levels. Through our joint efforts, we achieve meaningful results that resonate across credit unions, positively affecting our members and communities.

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