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MCUL Political Action Committee

Our political action committee provides credit unions with the opportunity to financially support candidates for Michigan state and local offices who have demonstrated a belief in the principles of the credit union movement. Successful fundraising is the key to continuing our successful support of industry-friendly candidates.  Political action committees are governed by a Board of Trustees.

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State PAC Programs

As a reminder, our State PAC (MCULAF) funds are used to support credit union friendly state elected officials in the House and Senate, caucus giving, and for statewide elected officials (Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of State). When remitting to the State PAC (MCULAF), all contributions received by the credit union should be remitted back to us as timely as possible (we have recommended within 30 days of receipt). If you are remitting funds for credit toward your goal in this calendar year, please make sure they are remitted prior to December 15th – this is our cut off for being able to credit your funds to your current-year state PAC goal. We do need you to remit funds you have in hand for each state reporting period prior to each of the filing dates set by the Bureau of Elections for our State PAC, so that we can accurately log and account for all donations:

2024 State PAC Lapel Pin  Options

Lapel Pin

The premier fundraising program for the MCUL state PAC, resulting in over half of the money raised annually. Donate today and receive your lapel pin.

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legs of men and women in casual wear

Casual Days

Employees get to unwind while you build awareness and teamwork.

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Dog Plush

Plush Fundraiser

Help meet your year-end State PAC goal by selling adorable plush animals to your membership.

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All contributions to MCULAF/MCULLAF are strictly voluntary and are not tax deductible for state/federal income tax purposes. All contributions will be used for political purposes. You have the right to refuse to contribute without any reprisal. Guidelines contained herein are merely suggestions. You may contribute more or less than the guidelines suggest, and MCUL will not favor nor disadvantage you by reason of the amount of your contribution or a decision not to contribute.
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