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Casual Days

For a minimal contribution ($1-5) credit union staff may dress casually for a day. Money is collected, made into a money order and remitted to MCULAF along with a Fundraising Remittance form. This is a good way to build political awareness and teamwork among staff. Casual days have been a very successful way to raise money. They take little time and involve the entire credit union.

It is recommended that money raised from Casual Days go to MCULAF the State PAC. Since the money raised from this fundraiser is from credit union staff, the information needed for State reporting requirements is much easier to obtain.

As a reminder credit unions that would like to contribute the proceeds from Casual Day fundraising to MCULAF (the state PAC) must provide us with the name, home address, occupation, place of employment, amount of contribution, and date of contribution for each contributor along with proceeds.

Use the MCULAF (state PAC) Fundraising Remittance Form to collect this information or send it to us in a format you already have available.

Casual Days
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