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MCUL Political Action Committee

Our political action committee provides credit unions with the opportunity to financially support candidates for Michigan state and local offices who have demonstrated a belief in the principles of the credit union movement. Successful fundraising is the key to continuing our successful support of industry-friendly candidates.  Political action committees are governed by a Board of Trustees.

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Federal PAC Programs

As a reminder, our Federal PAC (MCULLAF) funds are used to support credit union friendly federal elected officials (Congress and the U.S. Senate). When remitting to the Federal PAC (MCULLAF), the remittance of contributions is governed by 11 CFR 102.8(b) which states that individual donations less than $50 need to be remitted within 30 days of receipt. Individual donations greater than $50 need to be remitted within 10 days of receipt. For most folks’ donations and the programs we run, the remittance period will the longer 30 days, but please do note the shorter period in some instances.


2023 Grand Raffle Livestream

The live drawing will be held at 9:00 a.m. at:

October 30, 2023
9:00 a.m.
MSU FCU Headquarters 2
3899 Coolidge Rd. 
East Lansing, MI 48823

Our livestream of the 2022 Grand Raffle drawing was held on Monday, Nov 21 at 9am.

Click here to watch on YouTube

2023 Winning Ticket Numbers


$20,000 Grand Prize 
  1. 81725


$5,000 Second Place
  1. 15033


$1,000 Third Place
  1. 69793
  2. 74779
  3. 12130
  4. 52785
  5. 38260
  6. 17645
  7. 68243
  8. 52295
  9. 78406
  10. 17095

About the Grand Raffle

The Grand Raffle is one of the largest fundraising events in the entire credit union movement. Tickets go on sale in April-September and the drawing is held in October. Notifications pertaining to this fundraiser are sent to credit unions with valid MCULLAF permission agreements on file with the Michigan credit union league via mail and email. The raffle is administered by the event chair in conjunction with the MCUL Advocacy team. This fundraiser benefits the MCUL's Federal PAC (MCULLAF).

The grand prize for this drawing is $20,000 in cash. The seller of the winning ticket (grand prize) receiving $500 in cash. There is also a second place prize of $5,000 cash and ten third place prizes of $1,000 each. Each seller of a second or third prize winning ticket receives $100.

Contributions to MCULLAF are not considered charitable contributions or business expense for income tax purposes and are not tax deductible. Must be a qualified member of a participating MCUL-affiliated credit union, U.S. citizen and 18-years of age or older to enter. Individual credit union members lawfully admitted for permanent residence (I.e., holders of valid “green cards” and living in the US) may participate. Individuals on visas, including student visas, may not participate. Contributions are completely voluntary and will be used for political purposes. There shall be no reprisal for those who decided not to participate.

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