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Local Teachers Receive $51,000 in Classroom Grants from MSGCU

Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union (MSGCU) announced its Classroom Cash Grants program recipients for 2019. MSGCU awarded $51,375 to 71 educators spanning 52 schools across the Metro Detroit area.

The grants, worth up to $750 each, help with the implementation of innovative learning experiences that foster students’ exploration, independent thinking and problem solving. Projects include flexible seating and sensory resources, interactive reading systems, technology enhancements and many others.

With a heritage rooted in education, MSGCU is committed to supporting the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication of the teaching community. Since its inception, the Classroom Cash Grants program has awarded more than $480,000 to local teachers. The program has funded nearly 1,000 unique projects that enhance the academic environment and would not otherwise be possible.

“We strongly believe in the power of education and the important role educators play in the development of our youth,” said Pete Gates, MSGCU’s president/CEO. “We are humbled to provide this resource to educators as they plan creative and impactful learning experiences in their classrooms this school year.”

Classroom Cash Grants program winners are determined based on total votes cast by students, parents, colleagues, family members and friends. More than 100,000 votes were cast during a 10-day online voting period. 

The Classroom Cash Grants program is open annually to all teachers in the communities MSGCU serves. For more information about the Classroom Cash Grants program and to view the grant recipients’ projects, visit

2019 MSGCU Classroom Cash Grants Program Recipients:

Rebecca Allen, Beacon Tree Elementary School (Macomb)
Tracy Allen, Kaiser Elementary School (Macomb)
Renee Atkins, Rodgers Elementary School (Macomb)
Melissa Austin, Davis Junior High School (Macomb)
Stephanie Avery, Morris Adler Elementary School (Oakland)
Tracy Bigelow, Adlai Stevenson High School (Macomb)
Julie Bowyer, Flickinger Elementary School (Macomb)
Janet Brady, Lakeview Early Childhood Center (Macomb)
Denise Bush, MacArthur K-8 University Academy (Oakland)
Cheryl Cardamone, Shelby Junior High School (Macomb)
MaryAnn Carlson, Lottie Schmidt Elementary School (Macomb)
Jennifer Casbar, Huron Academy Metro Campus (Macomb)
Emily Corsaut, Davisburg Elementary School (Oakland)
Susan Culver, Simonds Elementary School (Oakland)
Pamela Daniels, Graebner Elementary School (Macomb)
Julie Demers, Harmon Elementary School (Macomb)
Tracy Dex, Beacon Tree Elementary School (Macomb)
Elizabeth Diehl, Oakland Schools Technical Campus Northeast (Oakland)
Gina Evans, Beacon Tree Elementary School (Macomb)
Rhonda Faycurry, Simonds Elementary School (Oakland)
Diana Gambino, Duncan Elementary School (Macomb)
Cristy Garbacik, Beacon Tree Elementary School (Macomb)
Ashley Gardella, Huron Academy Metro Campus (Macomb)
Buffy Gerschick, Beacon Tree Elementary School (Macomb)
Tammy Gielniak, Romeo High School (Macomb)
Jennifer Green, Shrine Catholic Grade School (Oakland)
Darren Greene, International Academy of Macomb (Macomb)
Jake Greenwood, Troy High School (Oakland)
Kelli Herr, Rodgers Elementary School (Macomb)
Candace Ivy, Plumbrook Elementary School (Macomb)
Marcia Jahn, Browning Elementary School (Macomb)
Karin Johnson, Kennedy Learning Center (Oakland)
Angela Jolley, Beacon Tree Elementary School (Macomb)
Laurie Kania, McGlinnen Elementary School (Macomb)
Rachel Krone, Heritage Junior High School (Macomb)
Tamiko Kuykendall, Wheat Early Childhood Center (Macomb)
Laura Laban, Ebeling Elementary School (Macomb)
Sylvia LaPratt, Oxbow Elementary School (Oakland)
Sarah Laurence, Simonds Elementary School (Oakland)
Philip Lewan, Boulan Park Middle School (Oakland)
Holly Loose, Indian Hills Elementary School (Macomb)
Torrie Maas, University High School Academy (Oakland)
Jill Majewski, New Haven Elementary School (Macomb)
Tammy Marr, Immaculate Conception (St. Clair)
Kelly Martz, Kaiser Elementary School (Macomb)
Briana McKerracher, Burr Elementary School (Macomb)
Angela Meyers, Marie C. Graham Elementary School (Macomb)
Josh Murphy, Hiller Elementary School (Oakland)
Elisabeth Newman, Rochester Adams High School (Oakland)
Amy Orlando, Beacon Tree Elementary School (Macomb)
Rose Paterson, Turning Point Academy (Wayne)
Cheryl Pietraszewski, Adlai Stevenson High School (Macomb)
Amber Pietraszewski, Bozymowski Center for Education (Macomb)
Tamara Powell, Monfort Elementary School (Macomb)
Katherine Reaume, Columbia Central High School (Jackson)
Kristine Riffe, Mark Twain Elementary School (Macomb)
LevQual Robinson, Kennedy Learning Center (Oakland)
Cheryl Robisch, Kaiser Elementary School (Macomb)
Deborah Root, Anchor Bay Middle School North (Macomb)
Alyssa Senczyszyn, American Montessori Academy (Wayne)
Cynthia Shankin, Boulan Park Middle School (Oakland)
Shannon Spisak, Shelby Junior High School (Macomb)
Stefanie Taylor, Ebeling Elementary School (Macomb)
Dayna Thompson, Browning Elementary School (Macomb)
Thomas Torrento, Grosse Pointe North High School (Wayne)
Sarah Vrabel, Edmonson Elementary School (Oakland)
Connie Wakefield, Eisenhower High School (Macomb)
Kristina Walla, Richmond Middle School (Macomb)
Nathan Wangelin, Chippewa Valley High School (Macomb)
Heather Weaver, Lakeview Early Childhood Center (Macomb)
Anneliese White, St. Paul on the Lake School (Wayne)

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