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Consumers CU One of First 30 Financial Institutions to Offer Apple Pay

Members of Consumers CU can now use their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to pay with Apple Pay.

“Consumers is proud to be on the forefront of new technology that continues to increase peace of mind and ease for members,” Consumers President and CEO Kit Snyder said. “We pride ourselves on helping people from all walks of life bank how they want, when they want. Apple Pay is one more tool to bring to our communities to enhance their banking experience.”

With Apple Pay, members add their credit cards to an app on their phone. Instead of pulling out their credit or debit card at the point of sale, the user waves the phone over the retailer’s “contactless reader” while touching the home button to activate the phone’s Touch ID.

Consumers has a list of frequently asked questions provided by Apple on its website.

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2015-01-19 00:00:00