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Marshall Community Credit Union Unveils Makeover to CU in School Branch

BoothMarshall Community Credit Union (MCCU) announced enhancements to its CU in School branch located at Marshall High School. The improvements, which include a height adjustment, a countertop, awning, vinyl wrapping and an updated name, mark a significant step forward in branding the in-school program with the credit union’s branding. Formerly known as the Student-Run Branch, it has now been officially renamed CU in School, a move that seamlessly bridges MCCU’s K-8 and 9-12 in-school programs.

“Making the updates to the program’s name and overall appearance helps to strengthen our brand identity with students and staff,” says Laura Van Dyke, CCUFC, Financial Education Specialist, MCCU. “We found students had confusion with the previous name (Student-Run Branch) and didn’t think they could access their accounts created while participating with CU in School in Marshall’s middle and elementary schools.”

“The previous branding for the Student-Run Branch aligned with the school colors, but then it disconnected from the program name to which students accustomed,” adds Alyssa Jones, Marketing Director & Brand Manager, MCCU. “By aligning the program name with the branding of the credit union, we establish continuity and reinforce the look and feel of the credit union, seamlessly integrating it into the overall branch experience.”

The CU in School branch vision was brought to life with the assistance of Marshall High School Industrial Arts teacher, Brandon Stoddard, and students who modified the desk and MKD Kitchen and Bath who donated a new countertop.

The focus of CU in School, led by MCCU, remains focused on teaching students money management skills, fostering a savings mindset, and increasing a student’s knowledge of financial products and services. The program compliments the existing curriculum and teaches students lifelong employment skills such as organization, human relations and teamwork, while introducing the importance of having a healthy relationship with money and financial institutions.

The elementary and middle school levels are led by Janell Quinn, Youth Financial Education Coordinator, and Van Dyke leads the high school program. This approach ensures students receive age-appropriate financial education specifically designed for their age range.

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