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  • September 13, 2024
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Forbes Names Top 10 Michigan Credit Unions in 2024

Forbes has released the 2024 version of its list of "America's Best Credit Unions in Each State," wherein it lists its choice of the best credit unions for each state using the following procedure:

“For this seventh annual ranking, Forbes partnered once again with market research firm Statista to survey approximately 26,000 U.S. residents. Participants were asked to name all the banks and credit unions where they currently have—and previously had—a checking or savings account, and to identify financial institutions they know through the experiences of friends and family. Respondents were asked to share their level of satisfaction with the bank or credit union, their willingness to recommend it to others, and to rate the organization based on criteria including: customer service, the quality of financial advice offered by representatives, fee structures, ease of navigating digital and in-person services, and the degree of trust the financial institutions inspired.”

Here are the 10 best credit unions in Michigan, according to Forbes’ ranking:

  1. ELGA Credit Union
  2. Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union
  3. Genisys Credit Union
  4. Lake Michigan Credit Union
  5. Consumers Credit Union
  6. Advia Credit Union
  7. Community Financial Credit Union
  8. DFCU Financial
  9. Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union
  10. Community Choice Credit Union

Read more of the Forbes list here.

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