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Financial Plus Partners with Vertice AI for Innovative Member Growth Initiative

Financial Plus Credit Union announced a partnership with Vertice AI in a new member growth initiative. This collaboration is facilitated through The Lab at Filene Research Institute, a platform dedicated to testing and implementing innovative solutions within the credit union movement.

This partnership aims to address the continuous challenge of deepening engagement with indirect members, those who primarily interact with credit unions through external lending channels such as auto dealerships. Financial Plus and Vertice AI will leverage advanced analytics to explore and develop new strategies for engaging these members more effectively.

"Our collaboration with Vertice AI through The Lab at Filene represents a significant step forward in our ongoing effort to enhance the financial journey of all our members, especially those we engage with indirectly," said Jessica McNier, VP of member experience at Financial Plus Credit Union. "We're excited about the potential of this partnership to uncover innovative, data-driven approaches to member relationship building."

The Lab at Filene Research Institute serves as an incubator for testing new tools, products, and strategic solutions with the potential to enhance the impact and growth of credit unions. This collaborative effort between multiple credit unions, including Financial Plus, and Vertice AI in the Lab is a testament to the innovative spirit of the credit union community and its dedication to improving member experiences through actionable research and practical solutions.

"We're honored to be chosen by Financial Plus Credit Union for this important project," said Mitch Rutledge, CEO of Vertice AI. "Our work together in The Lab signifies a shared commitment to leveraging technology and analytics in service of the credit union movement. We look forward to the insights and strategies that will emerge from this collaboration, helping to drive member growth and engagement."

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