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Credit Unions Help Title 1 Students Turn $100 into $1 Million with Biz Kid$

Credit unions nationwide are providing up to $50,000 in $100 grants at Title 1 schools to put the lessons in the 2nd edition of How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000 into practice. In addition, PSCU/Co-op Solutions stepped up to provide the grant for the books given to students at the schools in these underprivileged areas.

Just in time for National Financial Literacy Month, How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000 is a revised, comprehensive first guide to earning, saving and investing money from the creators of the nationally syndicated, Emmy Award and Parents’ Choice Award-winning TV series on PBS, Biz Kid$. Rather than a staid book signing, Biz Kid$ is celebrating the book launch by returning to its roots with credit unions.

The credit unions that originally sponsored the show have leaned into financial education again, sponsoring these book-launch celebrations, along with the PSCU/Co-op Solutions grant for the books to be provided to the students at five Title 1 schools. The credit unions that generously provided the $10,000 grants include Michigan First CU, SkyPoint Federal Credit Union, CSE Federal Credit Union, Tapco Credit Union and Pelican State Credit Union. Each will hold events at local Title 1 schools with public officials and media fanfare.

"This initiative transcends traditional financial education, offering a hands-on approach that empowers students to shape their financial future," Jeannine Glista, author and executive producer of Biz Kid$, said. “We truly appreciate the long-term partnership we’ve enjoyed with credit unions through our aligned missions.”

Jamie Strayer, Founder of CU Strategic Planning and Co-owner of Biz Kid$, stated, “Biz Kid$ was produced with grants from 292 credit unions and system partners. And now, the investment by PSCU/Co-op Solutions and the credit unions supporting this book launch shows that Biz Kid$ is more relevant to credit unions than ever before.”

The books will be distributed, and then the 5th graders will be surprised with the $100 hand-ups, which they will have the opportunity to turn into $1,000,000 by applying the lessons from the book. Title 1 is a federal educational program supporting low-income schools and students across the country.

Financial responsibility is a crucial skill that many struggle with throughout adulthood. How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000, available nationally on April 23, introduces children to the concept of finances and lays out the importance of financial freedom. Money is not about greed but stability and creating options for yourself.

Written in an engaging yet informative style, How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000 is the perfect book for 5th grade students in historically underprivileged areas. It fosters hands-on learning and money management skills for economic stability. Filled with colorful illustrations, eye-catching infographics and interactive worksheets, this book makes financial literacy easily digestible for kids. Bonus content for parents was also created to match each chapter with video clips, digital tools, and full episodes, to bring the concepts to life for their young reader.

More information at BizKids.com.

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