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Members First’s 2024 Community Summit Targets Local Food Insecurity

mfcuMembers First Credit Union recently held Community Summit, an in-service day for its team members. During Community Summit, Members First's participating staff selected and completed community difference projects that impact the communities the credit union serves.

For this year’s Community Summit, the credit union focused and committed to making an impact on food insecurity in multiple local areas throughout Michigan. According to the nonprofit 211 of Northeast Michigan, last year there was a large influx of phone call inquiries about free or discounted food services in the area. Supporting the initiative to address local food insecurity, Members First partnered with four local nonprofits by purchasing food, donating team members’ time and advocating for the nonprofit’s cause.

“As one of the key pillars guiding our community giving efforts, we recognize how wellness and the pressing issue of food insecurity are deeply intertwined,” said Members First Community Relations Leader Kristen Williamson. "Community Summit was a unique opportunity to extend support to our friends and neighbors in need. We are thrilled to partner with four local nonprofits to amplify our impact and support those in need to further our vision of creating thriving communities."

The four local nonprofits that Members First supported are:

By the Numbers
Approximately 200 credit union members volunteered to the community projects. The projects yielded the following amounts of support to local nonprofits:

Humane Society’s Pet Pantry

Clare Baby Pantry

Hand 2 Hand

Coleman Family Center

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