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MCCU and Marshall High School Partner to "Save More Thoughtfully"

smtLate in 2023, Marshall Community Credit Union (MCCU) and Marshall High School (MHS) partnered on a promotion to raise money for the LINKS and NEXUS programs at MHS.

The promotion, Save More Thoughtfully, encouraged MHS students and staff to make deposits at the CU in School branch. MCCU matched every deposit up to $25. This promotion ran until the MHS winter break and netted $300 in matched funds.

MCCU’s Financial Education Specialist, Laura Van Dyke explains the impact of the promotion, “It is a heartwarming promotion that helps students and staff members see the impact of their deposits and how it benefits their classmates. They are supporting their peers while encouraging the formation of good habits through building their savings.”

“LINKS and NEXUS are student mentor programs where MHS students’ pair with Secondary Functional Program students to mentor and work as one-on-one academic helpers,” said MHS Special Education Teacher Samantha McClusky. “They guide the LINKS and NEXUS students in the right direction, behaviorally and socially.”

The NEXUS program will use its funds to create apparel to highlight the program.

“A few student mentors have gone above and beyond, and we were able to gift them NEXUS hoodies,” said McClusky. “Other NEXUS students, both past and present, will be able to purchase the same hoodies at a discount. The mentors can show their spirit by wearing the new MHS NEXUS gear. We appreciate MCCU’s gift and helping to uplift our students’ spirit to serve.”

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