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MCUL is dedicated to fostering strong connections through a diverse array of industry resources and valuable information through innovative and multi-channel approaches. By employing creative strategies and utilizing various communication channels, MCUL ensures that its members have access to the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in their respective fields.

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KCCU Wins Prestigious Newsweek “America’s Best Credit Unions” Award

KCCU has been honored as one of America's Best Credit Unions for 2024 by Newsweek, placing them in the top 250 credit unions in the nation!

Newsweek, in partnership with the market research firm Plant-A Insights Group assessed over 9,440 financial institutions, obtained feedback from over 35,000 members, and evaluated 149 million online reviews. In their results, they spotlighted the top 250 credit unions in the United States on Newsweek.com, and KCCU is honored to be named to this list! Credit Unions were highlighted in their own category as being recognized that they are a financial cooperative owned by their members.

Plant-A Insights Group based their assessment on factors of the financial institutions profitability, lending activity, overall financial health and stability, operational performance, and reputation.

“This award is a true testament of how committed we are to providing our members with the best value and service possible to help them reach their financial dreams,” stated Tracy Miller, KCCU’s CEO. “I cannot express enough how grateful we are for the dedication of our team, and the loyalty of our members to the credit union.”

“Regional banks and credit unions play a pivotal role in meeting the needs of communities across the nation.  Newsweek and market-data research firm Plant-A Insights are proud to announce, “America’s Best Regional Banks and Credit Unions 2024,” highlighting local lenders that are committed to the needs of their communities.” – Nancy Cooper – Global Editor in Chief – Newsweek

You can find more detailed information on Newsweek’s website, www.newsweek.com/rankings/americas-best-regional-banks-credit-unions-2024.

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