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  • September 13, 2024
    Fall Leadership Development Conference

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Advia Grants $38K to 2024 Scholarship Winners

adviaAdvia Credit Union announced the 2024 recipients of the Cheryl A. DeBoer Soar Higher Award and Youth Scholarships. This year, a total of 28 students will be awarded $1,000 each through the Youth Scholarship Program and two students will receive $5,000 each as part of the Cheryl A. DeBoer Soar Higher Award.

The Youth Scholarship Program is for graduating high school seniors who exhibit academic achievement, leadership skills and commitment to community.

The Soar Higher Award, introduced for the first time in 2023, is designed specifically for Western Michigan University’s College of Aviation students currently enrolled or recently accepted into the program. The Soar Higher Award is in honor of Advia’s former President & CEO Cheryl DeBoer, who retired in 2022. Cheryl’s career included over 18 years with Advia and 40 years within the credit union industry. Advia created this award to celebrate Cheryl’s passion for aviation and her illustrious credit union career.

After a rigorous selection process, a panel of judges composed of Advia representatives carefully evaluated numerous applications from talented individuals across our communities.

The 2024 Scholarship Recipients are:

Soar High Award Winners:

Youth Scholarship Winners:

“Congratulations to all who applied to either our Soar Higher or Youth Scholarship awards this year,” said Nancy Loftis, Advia’s VP of marketing and public relations. “The dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to education among these future leaders is inspiring. We are proud to play a role in helping them take their next step toward obtaining higher education and a lifetime of financial wellness."

To learn more about Advia’s scholarships and the Advia Foundation, visit here.

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