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12 Michigan Credit Unions Named to Newsweek’s Best Banks and Credit Unions of 2024

Newsweek published its list of America’s Best Regional Banks and Credit Unions 2024 and 12 Michigan credit unions made the cut.

“Regional banks and credit unions play a pivotal role in the financial fabric of communities nationwide. Unlike their larger counterparts, these institutions are deeply rooted in local economies, understanding the unique needs of the people they serve,” said Newsweek Global Editor in Chief Nancy Cooper.

She continued, speaking specifically about credit unions, “As financial cooperatives owned by their members, they foster a sense of shared ownership and responsibility. This unique structure translates into a commitment to the financial well-being of its members, often resulting in lower fees, competitive interest rates, and a more flexible approach to lending. The community engagement of credit unions extends beyond financial transactions. Many credit unions actively contribute to local initiatives, reinforcing their role as integral community partners.”

The following Michigan credit unions made Newsweek’s list:

“We take great pride in Financial Plus’s inclusion among America’s top credit unions. This acknowledgment is a testament to our entire team's dedication to making a meaningful impact with innovative technology and personalized solutions that bring our members’ financial goals within reach,” said Financial Plus President/CEO Brad Bergmooser. “Starting 2024 with industry recognition from Newsweek, a global organization, is an incredible honor.”

Full list here

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