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  • September 13, 2024
    Fall Leadership Development Conference

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From Patty's Desk

A biweekly blog that gives readers a peek inside thoughts, priorities and industry-based reflections from MCUL CEO Patty Corkery.

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So Long…Status Quo!


I am a big believer in trying new experiences and taking on challenges. I think a lot of “A-type” leaders are the same. Staying stagnant is boring. Routine and consistency, while at times comforting, make me restless for a new horizon.

You would think that this attitude would make me a perpetual job-hopper but that is not the case! I spent 19 years at the same law practice and have been with MCUL going on seven years. Instead of changing where I work, I change what I do. I add things like being a Girl Scout Troop Leader when my daughter was young and taking culinary classes to ultimately open my own French macaron shoppe, all while practicing law. In my MCUL tenure, I started and finished my MBA and joined several boards. I could add learning to speak French to the list but that was an epic fail! C’est la vie!

2018In 2018, I sold Le Detroit Macaron (ldm), my French macaron business, to my first employee, Isabelle. On the eve of the sale, I shared the news with my customers and friends and posted “ldm taught me that it is never too late in life to start something new, follow a passion and take a risk. When you find a happy place, make it your own.” I still feel this way. It is never too late to start something new, and for years, one of my “happy places” has been the credit union industry.

My “something new” this time around is taking on the role of CEO of CUSG while sticking with my MCUL duties. I feel comfortable running MCUL with my amazing team and board and know I have room for additional challenges. What could be better than taking the reins at CUSG of which MCUL is majority owner? A stronger CUSG means a stronger MCUL and additional security for our team, shareholders and Michigan credit unions. Sounds like a win-win-win. That third “win” being a win for me. I am thrilled to begin leading CUSG next week.

I am excited to dig into the CUSG product line and see where we can be stronger. Work with the team to see how we can be better. Engage with clients and learn about their experience in working with our amazing team. CUSOs are one of our industry’s super-powers. Collaborating and growing together is how we will continue to change lives as an industry 100 years from now. Being a part of that growth and working with our industry around the country in support of the cooperative movement will be, I am sure of it, one of my greatest thrills and accomplishments.

Hey CUSG team! Are you ready for it??!!!

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