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From Patty's Desk

A biweekly blog that gives readers a peek inside thoughts, priorities and industry-based reflections from MCUL CEO Patty Corkery.

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Making Financial Education Easier: MCUF Offers Free Toolkit for Credit Union Youth Month


youthHappy first day of Spring! With Spring finally here, that means April is right around the corner. And for credit unions, April means a couple things: National Financial Literacy Month and Credit Union Youth Month.

To celebrate this year, the Michigan Credit Union Foundation (MCUF) has partnered with My First Nest Egg to offer Michigan credit unions free materials to use this April. We’ve put together a toolkit designed for credit unions to empower parents with the resources to make money-based conversations with kids easy and impactful.

The toolkit includes a detailed parent guide, an interactive map for kids and some engaging social media posts. The interactive map is especially fun, since it’s filled with videos and fun games that should make learning about money exciting for kids.

We want the toolkit to make it as convenient as possible for credit unions to participate in Credit Union Youth Month. All you’ll have to do is follow the printing guidelines for in-house activities, or add it to your website for a virtual experience for youth members.

Materials for the full Youth Month toolkit are available online on our website, and are free for Michigan credit unions, thanks to funding provided by MCUF.

MCUF Complimentary Toolkit

We all know how important it is to have conversations with young people about the healthy financial paths that lie ahead for them, and we appreciate the time and effort that Michigan credit unions dedicate to these conversations. Hopefully, our toolkit makes this year’s Credit Union Youth Month a little bit easier.

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