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  • November 13, 2024
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Credit Unions, Coffee & Conversations

Embark on a captivating journey with CEO Patty Corkery as she hosts MCUL's podcast, Credit Unions, Coffee and Conversation, engaging in dynamic conversations with Michigan credit union leaders. Explore their career journeys, glean insights on leadership, and stay updated on the latest industry news. Tune in here or on your favorite streaming platform.

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Credit Unions, Coffee and Conversation: NLCUP Executive Director Barbara Mojica

The latest episode of MCUL’s podcast series, Credit Unions, Coffee and Conversation, features guest Barbara Mojica, Executive Director of National Association of Latino Credit Unions & Professionals (NLCUP).

Mojica has been in the credit union industry since 2017 and has held the position of Executive Director of NLCUP for nearly two years. The organization is dedicated to providing financial education and services for the Hispanic/Latino community as well as to increase economic, asset-building and professional development opportunities.

She talks with Corkery about her journey growing up in America as a young immigrant, how she became a passionate credit union advocate and the importance of mentorship.

Listen here.

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