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Event Details

Event Name:Seizing Funds of Member Accounts through Garnishments, Levies, etc.
Date:January 18, 2024
Start Time:12:00 PM
Duration:1 day

Join us on February 29th at 2:00 pm as Chuck Holzman Provides Training on Seizing Funds of Member Accounts thru Garnishments, Levies, etc

Credit unions regularly receive garnishments, levies and other documents that are used to either seize funds of members that are on deposit at the credit union, obtain information about members, their accounts and transactions or attach a portion of our employees’ wages. 

This session will discuss the different types of garnishments and levies and provide credit unions with the information that they need to properly respond to these legal documents while protecting the privacy and security of our members money and information. 

Register Here for this FREE webinar.

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