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Michigan Credit Union Foundation

Cooperatively empowering credit unions to increase financial well-being by supporting community enrichment, financial education, and credit union development initiatives.

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FreeStar Financial Credit Union Receives MCUF Grant

FreeStar Financial Credit Union is the most recent credit union to receive a Michigan Credit Union Foundation (MCUF) Community Enrichment Grant. FreeStar’s marketing department is creating a brand-new youth newsletter, which will serve as a crucial tool for fostering financial literacy and community engagement.

By addressing the critical problem of inadequate financial literacy among young individuals and families in Michigan, a quarterly newsletter of engaging content and interactive resources, the newsletter will empower area youth with essential financial knowledge and skills, laying a strong foundation for their future financial health and well-being.

MCUF is funding the development and design of several characters, that will serve as engaging and relatable figures within the newsletters storyline. These characters will enrich the educational content and enhance children’s learning experience. They will be age appropriate for the demographics of the credit unions youth membership.

MCUF Community Enrichment Support is available to help boost credit union initiatives aimed at improving financial well-being for people, families, businesses and communities in Michigan. MCUF works with cooperative donations to support credit union community enrichment, financial education and credit union development initiatives.

Learn more, donate or apply for programs at MCUF.mcul.org.

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