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  • November 13, 2024
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In both Lansing and Washington, D.C., MCUL is working alongside our partners at America's Credit Unions to make sure the voice of the credit union industry is heard. Through weekly updates, a year-long events schedule and countless grassroots events held throughout the state, MCUL is dedicated to continually educating legislators and regulators about the difference credit unions make, both here in Michigan and at the national level.

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MCUL's Letters of Opposition on Garnishment and Bankruptcy Reform Bills

This week, the Michigan Credit Union League delivered two letters of opposition regarding garnishment and bankruptcy reform bills to their respective sponsors, State Sens. Mary Cavanagh and Jeff Irwin and State Reps. Brenda Carter and Kara Hope.


SB 408 and 409 | HB 4900 and 4901


It is MCUL's belief that these introduced bills jeopardize Michigan credit unions' ability to effectively lend and provide affordable access to capital to our members and communities that need it most.


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