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  • November 13, 2024
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A Stronger Financial Michigan

A Stronger Financial Michigan (ASFM), formerly known as CURE, is a bipartisan credit union industry support and defense fund set up to promote the credit union difference and to create funding to defend against anti-credit union political efforts and promote credit union-friendly issues. Credit union contributions of corporate funds are placed in a segregated fund devoted to issue advocacy and expenditures to promote and defend the credit union position on key issues.

Donate Now

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Political Education is Crucial

All credit unions are asked to contribute. This is a key opportunity for credit unions to take a stand to protect the industry and the 5.3 million consumers who depend on credit unions for their banking needs. Your contribution:

Moving Forward as One

A Stronger Financial Michigan is also supported annually by CU Solutions Group with a substantial contribution that is dedicated to issue advocacy and scholarships. The fund is also supported financially by the Michigan Credit Union League and its member credit unions. Nationally, the banking industry has stepped-up anti-credit union political efforts and has begun attacking credit union-friendly policymakers and candidates. Now more than ever, the industry must ensure that consumers and policymakers alike remain educated on and supportive of the credit union difference. Support of A Stronger Financial Michigan is a critical step in that process.

Please contribute today!

The ASFM Defense Fund is a 501(c)(6), as registered with the IRS. ASFM can accept corporate contributions, and contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

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2024 Requested Contribution by Asset Size

  • < $50M: $500
  • $50M–100M: $1,000
  • $100M–250M: $2,500
  • $250M–$1B: $5,000
  • < $1B: $10,000
ASFM Scholarship Information