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  • November 13, 2024
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Keeping Board Members Connected


sldcFor many of you reading this, I know that you live and breathe the credit union industry. This is your passion and you bring that to work everyday. But I also know that many of our credit unions’ board members may not be reading this nor do they see some of our MCUL publications! While our boards are passionate about their individual credit unions, they may not necessarily be looped into our top-of-mind legislative priorities or the other challenges we face, generally, as an industry.

That’s why MCUL has put together some events throughout the year to help volunteers stay up to date on the relevant trends and topics that credit unions are currently navigating. In just a couple weeks, we are hosting the Spring Leadership Development Conference in Mt. Pleasant. If you’ve never been before, it’s a three-day event designed to put board members in a place where they feel prepared and confident to lead their credit union.

Specific to this year’s event are sessions on innovative leadership and an economic forecast that will educate volunteers on credit unions’ current operating environment. We’ve also put together more targeted sessions on Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering training for board members, executive recruitment and succession planning and what volunteers should know about compliance, as well as plenty others.

The Spring Leadership Development Conference isn’t the only event we offer sessions for volunteers — our Annual Conference & Exposition and Fall Leadership Development Conference are also great for board members — but I do think that it’s a unique conference for new volunteers to better understand their role and for seasoned volunteers to learn about our changing financial services landscape.

But attending the conference, like any MCUL education event, is never about an attendee coming to sit down, receive information and then leave. These events are also an opportunity for attendees to expand their network, engage with partners and support the credit union movement. These are also opportunities for our board volunteers to understand and appreciate the challenges our industry faces and get them outside of their individual credit union bubbles. 

Like any strong movement, we’re built on collaboration, and events like the Spring Leadership Development Conference, AC&E and Fall Leadership Development Conference — places where we gather — I believe are perfect spaces for us to lean into that collaboration and grow as an industry.

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