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MCUF Community Enrichment Grants Available and Easy to Access

Michigan Credit Union Foundation grants are available to boost credit unions and chapter initiatives aimed at improving financial well-being for people, families, businesses, and communities in Michigan. It won’t take a specialized grant writer to access MCUF funding, our grants are easy to access, and the process starts with a personal conversation to discuss your impact ideas and funding possibilities.

The 2023 MCUF grant targets include helping with credit union member and community outreach initiatives in these areas:

  • Financial Inclusion Initiatives
  • Assisting Low-Income, Underbanked, Underserved, or Minority Communities
  • Small Business Support
  • Helping CUs Access CDFI Certification, Funding and Community Development Support
  • Financial Wellness, Education, and Counseling Initiatives
  • Community Crisis Support

Visit the MCUF webpage for more information and the MCUF 2022 Impact Report to see the impact that Michigan credit unions made with grants last year.

What could your credit union do with a little help? MCUF grants are available to assist with small- and large-scale initiatives. To discuss grant ideas and possibilities, contact Beth Troost or Andrea Tucker today.

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