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Michigan Credit Union League

MCUL Announces 2023 Board of Directors Election Results

The Michigan Credit Union League (MCUL) has announced the results of its 2023 Board of Directors election.

All MCUL District Directors and Alternate Directors will each serve two-year terms commencing with the June 9, 2023 MCUL Board meeting apart from the two alternate director seats in District III and District VII, who will be serving the remaining one-year term for those positions.  The at-large director positions were not up for election this year.

The MCUL Board is composed of seven directors and seven alternate directors (elected geographically by districts) and two at-large director positions (elected by credit unions of asset size state-wide), for a total MCUL Board composition of nine directors and seven alternate directors.

2023 MCUL District Election Results:

  • District I – Alternate Director
    • Chrissy Siders - CEO, True Community Credit Union
  • District II – Director
    • Andy Kempf – CEO, 4Front Credit Union
  • District III – Director
    • Don Mills – CEO, Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union
  • District III – Alternate Director (One-year term)
    • Jenny Hoyle – CEO, Isabella Community Credit Union
  • District IV – Alternate Director
    • Jim Veneskey – CEO, Peninsula Federal Credit Union
  • District V – Director 
    • Jeff Benson – CEO, CASE Credit Union
  • District VI – Alternate Director 
    • Kelli Wisner-Frank – SVP/CFO, Community Choice Credit Union
  • District VII – Director
    • Carma Peters - CEO, Michigan Legacy Credit Union
  • District VII – Alternate Director (One-year term)
    • Tom Kuslikis - CFO, University of Michigan Credit Union

 Current MCUL At-Large Directors:

  • At-Large Director (Large Asset Size (LAS) Director) 
    • Dean Trudeau – CEO, Public Service Credit Union
  • At-Large Director (Small Asset Size (SAS) Director)
    • Adam Johnson – CEO, Safe Harbor Credit Union
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