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MCUL’s Podcast Celebrates One Year

Through 20 episodes, MCUL’s CEO and guests have discussed life in the credit union industry.

Last summer, MCUL kicked off the podcast Credit Unions, Coffee and Conversations. The idea: host, and MCUL CEO, Patty Corkery would chat one-on-one with industry professionals to hear about their professional journeys, what’s going on in their corner of the credit union industry and wherever else the conversation took them.

One year later and 20 episodes in the book, Corkery has talked with credit union colleagues and industry experts from across Michigan. Guests have included Michigan’s Attorney General, CEO of the Credit Union Association of New Mexico, some of the industry’s young professionals, a credit union mentorship collaborator and many CEOs from Michigan credit unions large and small.

Together, MCUL’s CEO and her guests have navigated new obstacles and opportunities in the ever-changing financial services landscape. Their discussions have covered, among other things, the following topics:

  • Serving members during COVID
  • Hybrid and remote workplace environments
  • Evolution of non-interest income
  • Leading and growing a small-asset credit union
  • Professional development
  • DEI initiatives
  • Student-run branches

Corkery has also used this program to talk to leaders, some young and some retired, about what it means to be a part of the credit union family. Through conversations about their career journeys, professionals have detailed some of the many ways the Michigan credit union community fosters long-time personal growth through mentorship, trust and opportunity.

Catch up with all this and more with the Credit Unions, Coffee and Conversations archive here.

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2022-08-24 00:00:00