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Blue Ox Chapter Tornado Relief Fund: MCUF Supports and Encourages Donations

In response to the large and destructive tornado that hit the Gaylord area on May 20, the Blue Ox Chapter of Credit Unions are organizing donations from the Michigan credit union community to be used for cooperative member and community support. 

A $5,000 Michigan Credit Union Foundation (MCUF) Community Crisis Grant is pledged for this fund and MCUF is encouraging additional donations from credit unions and chapters so that the Blue Ox Chapter can move quickly to respond to the needs of their members and the greater community impacted by the tornado.   

Credit union donations to support the Blue Ox Chapter Tornado Relief Fund may be posted to the MCUF here. All credit union donations will be reported and remitted to the Blue Ox Chapter.

Donate Now

Chapter donations may be remitted directly to the Blue Ox Chapter, for chapter donations, please contact Blue Ox Chapter Treasurer Dennis Werner/CEO at H.P.C. Credit Union.  

A task force representing the three credit unions with branches in the Gaylord area hit by the tornado has been formed and will be coordinating relief efforts utilizing these credit union industry donations.  

The tornado was reported to cover 16.6 miles, consisting of residential areas, business districts and industrial parks, leaving complete wreckage in its wake. One neighborhood, Nottingham Forest, a low-income mobile home park, lost 70 of its 74 homesites, leaving these families with significant loss. Many businesses sustained extreme damage that has resulted in residents without jobs, as well as a need for entire structure rebuilds.

“Over the next few months, Gaylord must begin rebuilding and will need our help. We ask our credit union colleagues to join us in helping our community get back on its feet,” said Awakon Federal Credit Union VP of Marketing/Community Development Dawn Bodnar. “We would like to have funds in the immediate future that we can quickly disburse to our members who have been most devastated by this tragedy, as well as non-members who have lost everything. We are thankful to the Mid-Michigan Chapter for sharing their program material and guidelines, created during the floods disaster in 2020. With their assistance, we should be able to fast track funds to those most devastated by this tragedy.”

“We are so fortunate to be in an industry that lives by the adage of ‘People Helping People’ and we can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together,” continued Bodnar.

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