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Michigan Credit Union League and CU Solutions Group Announce Leadership Changes

Patty Corkery promoted to MCUL President/CEO, Dave Adams retains CUSG President/CEO position.

The Michigan Credit Union League (MCUL) Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of long-time President/CEO Dave Adams and has promoted EVP/COO & General Counsel Patty Corkery to the President/CEO post, effective May 3, 2021.

In tandem, the CU Solutions Group (CUSG) board has ratified the continued leadership of Adams at the helm of this national Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) that provides technology, marketing, performance and advisory solutions to credit unions and other businesses nationwide.

Adams has served for nearly 24 years as President/CEO of MCUL and CUSG. Corkery has served in her leadership role at MCUL since August of 2018 and was a partner/attorney at the Michigan-based Holzman Corkery law firm for almost 19 years prior to joining the League.

This will be the first time in the organizations’ history where executive management will not be shared between MCUL and CUSG. As CUSG has grown to a large national CUSO with over $30 million in revenue, $90 million in assets and 130 employees, the boards saw wisdom in selecting Adams as the President/CEO, now exclusively focused on running the business. MCUL will continue to own 64% of the CUSO and, as such, Patty Corkery will represent MCUL, along with MCUL Chairwoman Heather Luciani, on the CUSG 12-person board of directors.

Luciani thanked Adams for his years of service on behalf of MCUL and expressed confidence in Corkery as his replacement, “On behalf of the MCUL Board of Directors and Michigan’s credit unions, we are thankful for Dave’s 24 years of service. Throughout Dave’s tenure, MCUL has been a critical partner, a fierce advocate and a national leader for credit unions. We are thrilled to welcome Patty Corkery to the role of CEO. During her time at MCUL, Patty has provided exceptional leadership and has built outstanding relationships, positioning her well to lead the organization into the future.”

“The CUSG Board looks forward to Dave’s continued leadership and influence as its leader,” said CUSG Chairman Pete Dzuris, applauding the transition, “We also look forward to a great future for the Michigan Credit Union League with Patty Corkery at the helm.”

In referencing the move, Adams said, “It has been such an honor to serve as CEO of MCUL and CUSG. But the time is right for me and for the organizations to make this move. Patty Corkery will make an excellent CEO and she has proven her abilities during the toughest climate in our association’s history. I am also excited to work with my amazing CUSG leadership team to position CUSG as a best-in-class service provider for credit unions and other organizations.”

Corkery expressed enthusiasm for this new opportunity as well, “I am honored and humbled to become MCUL’s first female President/CEO. This new role will allow me to continue to represent the industry for which I have so much respect and admiration, and I am thankful to the MCUL Board for this opportunity. I hope to continue MCUL’s rich legacy of strong advocacy, education and support for our Michigan credit unions and the members they so faithfully serve.”

Dave Adams Patty

Dave Adams
President/CEO, CU Solutions Group

Patty Corkery
President/CEO, MCUL & Affiliates

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