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MCUL CEO Issues Statement on MI GOP Chairman Ron Weiser's Sexist and Incendiary Public Comments

Response to Chairman Weiser’s comments at North Oakland Republican Club meeting, March 26, 2021.

As reported by the Detroit News today, Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser labeled the state’s top Democratic officeholders “witches” and referenced “assassination” Thursday when pressed how to remove two sitting GOP congressmen. The Michigan Credit Union League (MCUL) CEO Dave Adams responded with the following:

The Michigan Credit Union League (MCUL) is a non-partisan trade association representing all 213 Michigan credit unions, who in turn serve more than 5.6 million consumer and small business members. Credit unions and their members are as diverse as the Michigan population, reflecting political views and attitudes across the full spectrum. As such, this MCUL statement is in no way political or partisan. It is about decency, civility and support for a higher common ground in state and national politics by all parties.

Chairman Weiser’s comments were what one would expect from a leader of a radical fringe group, not from the chief spokesperson for Michigan’s Republican Party. It seems incumbent upon all leaders, regardless of party affiliation, to denounce and condemn these comments as sexist, incendiary words that serve to fuel acts of discrimination, political violence and sedition. In an era of societal introspection and action to foster diversity, equity and inclusion, both parties should lead with words and actions. The Chairman’s reference to women in high office as “witches” was disgusting, appalling and unbecoming of a major party leader.

Finally, if the Michigan Republican party ever had a principled leader beyond reproach, it is Congressman Fred Upton. Chairman Weiser’s reference to “assassination” as a possible means of removing Congressman Upton and Meijer because they took a vote to impeach former President Trump, was at the very least tone-deaf. The Jan. 6 attacks on the Capitol and the subsequent violent threats made against these lawmakers reflect a new low in American politics.

Chairman Weiser should immediately retract these comments and help lead the party to a higher common ground of civility and respect despite the obvious policy differences.

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