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MCCU Partners with Marshall Public Schools to Support Virtual-Only Students

MPSMarshall Community Credit Union (MCCU) recently donated more than $1,600 to Marshall Public Schools to support their virtual-only student elementary program.

Gordon Elementary Principal Kelly Fitzpatrick reached out to MCCU back in September, inquiring about the possibility of some financial assistance so the school district could provide a better way of getting materials back and forth to their K-5 virtual-only families. The idea of a drawstring backpack was discussed and MCCU’s marketing team jumped on board.

“These bags are a vital resource for our virtual-only students. They carry more than just instructional supplies, they are the tangible proof of a community that is backing students who aren’t able to return to in-person learning at this time,” said Fitzpatrick. “MCCU as taken the generous step of sponsoring these bags, ensuring that each and every virtual student can easily transport supplies at their monthly pickups. They have also provided a sense of camaraderie among learners, since often times, auxiliary programs are overlooked when it comes to mascots and branding."

MCCU has a long-standing partnership with Marshall Public Schools (MPS) that dates back to 2001 when they opened their first in-school credit union branch at then-named Sherman Elementary. Since, MCCU has not only grown their school branch program, known as CU In School, but has also been a supporting partner of MPS.

“We look at our school partnerships as just that, a partnership. The school helps us by allowing us into their buildings where we are able to work with students and teachers, and provide that financial education, that is so desperately needed in each school building,” said MCCU Financial Education Coordinator Andrea Tucker. “And in return, we can be counted on to help support district projects and initiatives, individual school events, and much more.”

Through the credit union’s partnership with MPS, MCCU is able to provide financial education to students and encourage the development of personal financial responsibility and money management skills, as well as helping to develop career awareness and employability skills. They offer hands-on financial experiences through school credit union branches, in addition to age-appropriate financial products, services and savings programs.

MCCU also conducts free classroom presentations on a variety of money management topics to classrooms throughout the district. And there are incentives for students, like MCCU’s Dollars for A’s program, that encourages students to do well in school, by giving them $1 for each A on their report card, as well as incentives for teachers, like MCCU’s Mini-Grant program.

“Marshall Public Schools are grateful for MCCU and the strong community ties that are clearly at the center of their business model. This school district is so lucky to have such a supportive community,” said Fitzpatrick. “MCCU has been a wonderful partner to our schools for many years, with the support of our virtual-only program being just one example. We truly appreciate their unwavering support of all Marshall Public School students.”

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