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Honor Credit Union Announces 11th Annual Teacher Awards

Honor Credit Union recently announced the 11th Annual Teacher Awards. Staying true to its roots in education, Honor is committed to recognizing local teachers for the time and effort put forth throughout the school year.

Teachers are invited to apply for the Annual Teacher Awards by submitting in 200 words or less how they would use an additional $200 to benefit their classroom and students.

2020 has been, and will continue to be, an especially challenging year for educators. Honor Credit Union understands that giving back to teachers and schools is of the utmost importance, now more than ever. Therefore, the credit union has increased not only the number of teachers awarded, but the prize amount as well. This year, 70 teachers will be awarded a $200 Amazon gift card, with a limit of one award per classroom.

Applications are being accepted now through Nov. 20, and winners will be notified by Dec. 18, 2020.

It is not a requirement for applicants to be a member of Honor Credit Union to be eligible to win. For complete details, and to submit your entry for Honor’s Annual Teacher Awards, please visit here.

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