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Michigan Credit Union League

CUNA's Jim Nussle Meets with Michigan Credit Unions

Today, on MCUL’s weekly CEO call, the League and more than 130 Michigan credit union CEOs were joined by CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle, who discussed how the national association has been working to support credit unions across the country.

Nussle began the call talking about credit unions as financial first responders and thanked the credit union leaders for everything they’ve done for members, communities and the industry during COVID-19. He mentioned many specific instances of good works that go beyond routine member transactions, many of which can be found on this page.

Additionally, he mentioned the Michigan Credit Union Foundation’s Community Crisis Support Grants, which are boosting potential and ongoing credit union support efforts. More about those can be found here.

“Credit unions didn’t need a crisis to step up, but they always do,” said Nussle, who stressed the importance of sharing all types of impact stories with MCUL. “During crises like this, politicians will often look around for someone to point fingers at. We don’t want them to point fingers at us. We’re doing too many good things.”

The CUNA CEO said that leagues and associations need to, as best as possible, aggregate these impact stories to present the larger story of the credit union difference, and asked that credit unions respond to surveys with that bigger picture in mind.

Nussle then moved on to talk more directly about advocacy, including the Phase 4 bill, or HEROES Act, and trying to advocate for legislation that favors credit unions, thereby favoring consumers. Specifically, he mentioned the importance of an MBL exemption and expanded liquidity.

After taking some advocacy-related questions, he finished the call by clearly stating how CUNA is attempting to position credit unions, saying the industry hasn’t closed, instead offering more services than ever. And while messages from the White House regarding financial first responders have failed to distinguish credit unions from banks, Nussle said, credit unions will emerge from this as an example of financial institutions where consumers can find trusting relationships.

“The League and our member credit unions are fortunate to have strong guidance at the national level with Jim Nussle,” said MCUL CEO Dave Adams. “During times like this, we rely on strong, informed advocacy that conveys Michigan credit unions as essential financial service providers. MCUL is thankful CUNA understands the difference our movement continues to make to impacted members and communities during COVID-19.”

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