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KCCU Partners with Local Businesses to Show Support of Healthcare Workers

BBCKellogg Community Credit Union (KCCU) has partnered with Epic Nutrition Smoothie Bar, located in Battle Creek, and VIP Nutrition Smoothie Bar, located in Marshall, to share some love and appreciation to local healthcare workers.

Epic and VIP Nutrition, both owned by Ken and Kristen VanDalsen, have been delivering complimentary Herbalife tea bomb energy drinks to both Bronson Battle Creek and Oaklawn Hospitals. They provide the tea bombs to various departments throughout the hospitals to help give the healthcare workers an extra boost of healthy energy during their shift.

OakKCCU partnered with Epic and VIP Nutrition to sponsor 100 tea bombs for Bronson Battle Creek and another 100 tea bombs for Oaklawn’s essential workers. The 200 Tea Bombs were distributed throughout April 24, covering the day and night shifts at both hospitals.

“KCCU is honored to partner with Epic and VIP Nutrition to be able to provide tea bombs to our local healthcare heroes,” said Tracy Miller, CEO of KCCU. “This was a great opportunity for us to support a local business, while also being able to show our appreciation and gratitude to these dedicated and caring individuals who are working on the frontlines in the hospitals. These workers are selflessly putting others before themselves to care for our community and we believe they deserve a little something special to help them get through their day.”

“Epic and VIP Nutrition has been giving back to the community by delivering Herbalife tea bomb energy drinks to local hospitals since the end of March,” said owner Ken VanDalsen. “We were thrilled when KCCU offered to partner with us to sponsor 200 drinks to help us show appreciation to our local healthcare workers. It is rewarding knowing that we are providing essential workers in our community with a healthy energizing drink that will give them a boost of energy to keep them going during their shift. Plus, we love to see the wonderful expressions we are putting on their faces and the gratitude they have when we deliver the tea bombs, everyone loves the fun flavors and extra lift of energy. It’s our little way of saying 'Thank You.'"

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2020-04-24 00:00:00