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Be Part of the Success - CU Link's Successful 2019 Paves Way for 2020

CU Link is one of the largest and longest running cooperative ad campaigns in the country. With 100% participation of MCUL affiliates and more than $2.3 million in year-round advertising, the campaign works to strengthen awareness, increase consideration and expand share of wallet.

Last year, CU Link, merged its well-researched Michigan messaging into CUNA’s Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® national awareness initiative. The plan used the campaign to dispel myths, grow membership and generate member engagement, going deeper into the many credit union benefits beyond just checking and savings accounts.

What’s Connecting With Consumers?
The Michigan campaign is currently running nine videos, each highlighting a different credit union product or service, with “CD Rates” and “Mortgages" showing top 
performance. On social media, auto loan materials are yielding the most engagement. And our campaign's click-thru and completion rates are above industry standards.


Social Media Auto Loan Carousel

2020 Planning - What's Next?
MCUL is taking the 2019 results, along with updated research, and refining campaign messaging in the coming year. Materials
will continue to target millennials (18-34), with the focus of “Do More, Save More.”


Additionally, the CU Link team plans to improve the credit union integration experience, refresh the social media strategy, and offer more material for social media integration (video vignettes, photo posts, pre-written posts, etc.).

Next year, affiliates will continue to enjoy turnkey integration content and collateral, including: social media assets, digital ads, billboards, in-branch display/digital posters, direct mail, photography and logos.  


How Can Credit Unions Help? Become Full Fair-Share.

The first million dollars of credit union contributions are matched by MCUL with 100% of the contributions and match spent directly on advertising*. And while all affiliates have access to the many turnkey integration assets at, full-share contributors get the added benefit of working with specialized partners to further engage existing members and grow new members. Additionally, full-share credit unions get a peek behind the curtain with early previews of new CU Link creative.

Each credit union’s participation expands the strength of the CU Link Michigan cooperative campaign. Because of the generosity and unified participation of so many Michigan credit unions over the years, CU Link Michigan continues to bring extraordinary value and make an impact across the state. 


For more information and to find out how you can join the campaign, please visit or reach out to


*MCUL covers all other cooperative advertising expenses such as administration, ad agency retainer and creative production which represents an incredible value and benefit.

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