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Michigan Credit Union League

Get on Track for Earning Leadership Recognition from MCUL

More than 10 attendees at the upcoming MCUL & Affiliates Intentional CU Leadership event will receive leadership recognition from the League, and many others will be on their way toward earning the same.

During the session, participants will be offered fun interactions as they learn new skills toward developing a personal leadership style, while also building a professional network and making valued contacts. Two fast-paced, invigorating talks will provide ideas and help attendees decide which speaker to follow and work with as they pursue an individual development plan.

Those attending for the third time will be recognized by MCUL for their leadership accomplishments and commitment to self-development. The training is ideal for those from the front office to the back office, to the corner office, regardless of whether individuals are leading themselves, others or their credit unions.

The event draws new attendees, speakers and topics each year to create a new experience and allow returning attendees to continue on their personal paths toward becoming intentional leaders. Those interested in attending and earning leadership recognition in the future (upon the completion of three years of participation) may still register for the event, at Consumers Credit Union in Kalamazoo, Nov. 6, with pre-event activities the evening of Nov. 5.

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