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Financial Reality Fair App Ready for New School Year

The MCUF Financial Reality Fair app is now ready, and able to enhance the student experience during credit union-facilitated Financial Reality Fairs. Sponsored by the Michigan Credit Union Foundation (MCUF), Financial Reality Fairs are interactive events where teens practice making adult financial decisions in a simulated environment.

During a fair, students visit several lifestyle stations to make choices to obtain the goods and services they need to live independently. They also visit with credit union financial advisors to help with their financial needs. Already this year, MCUF Financial Reality Fair materials have been utilized by credit unions to facilitate 47 fairs reaching 3,871 students. With the fall school semester starting, credit union fair facilitators will also have access to the new app, which allows students to track and analyze spending on mobile devices or tablets.

MCUF provides free access to shared kits of materials, including lifestyle station materials and signage, and also provides instructional guidance to credit union fair facilitators. In addition, MCUF  grants are now available to help credit unions create their own lifestyle station signage and materials to use with Financial Reality Fairs. This support is targeted to credit unions and credit union chapters who plan to facilitate multiple fairs annually and who wish to customize the fair materials with their credit union or chapter name and branding.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation, MCUF utilizes cooperative donations to support credit union financial education, community reinvestment and professional development initiatives. MCUF support for Financial Reality Fairs improves financial futures for thousands of families annually and increases awareness for Michigan credit unions’ financial health initiatives.

To learn more, request a fair kit, or apply for a grant contact MCUF Executive Director Beth Troost via email or by phone at 734-793-3453.

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