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CUSG Calls the T-Mobile and Sprint Merger a Membership Enhancement Opportunity for Credit Unions

Following the announcement from T-Mobile and Sprint confirming approval from the Department of Justice of the merger between these two iconic wireless companies, CU Solutions Group (CUSG), Sprint’s largest affinity partner for more than a decade, is expressing optimism about the value that the merger will provide to consumers, especially credit union members.

The merger promises a faster path to a 5G network, value-conscious pricing, top-notch service, strong technology infrastructure and the benefits of proven leadership for a combined nearly 100 million customers. CUSG looks forward to working with this new powerhouse wireless company to position credit union members at the center of this enhanced value proposition.

For the past 15 years, CUSG has helped Sprint add more than five million lines through its national credit union member discount program, Sprint Credit Union Member Cash Rewards. In 2019, this growth has been particularly strong with nearly 250,000 lines added during the first half of the year. Sprint is the only wireless company with an exclusive credit union member discount, which currently offers $100 per line for every new line added to a new or existing Sprint consumer account. As a loyalty reward, credit union members also receive a $100 annual cash reward.

The program is mutually beneficial for Sprint, credit unions and their members. Credit unions tout the program as another reason why it pays to be a credit union member. Sprint reports that value-conscious and hardworking credit union members and families consistently prove to be more loyal Sprint customers than non-credit union members.

Currently, more than 1,200 U.S. credit unions promote CUSG’s Sprint Credit Union Member Cash Rewards program. CUSG provides technology and marketing support for credit unions, manages the transfers of consumer incentives and provides client support by monitoring marketing requirements and helping credit unions deepen their engagement. CUSG also works hand-in-hand with more than 25 state and national associations to further the reach of marketing efforts. This infrastructure of marketing support is unprecedented in the wireless and credit union industries.

“CUSG remains enthusiastic about the prospects for an even stronger and better discounted wireless offer for credit union members as a result of this merger,” said Dave Adams, president/CEO of CU Solutions Group. “Credit unions have proven that their trusted, valued brand can be leveraged by great companies like Sprint, Intuit and General Motors to offer consumers real discounts that stem from their affiliation with credit unions. And if the merger doesn’t clear its final hurdles, we are equally confident that the current Sprint partnership will continue to grow and thrive with the support of the credit union industry.”

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2019-07-29 00:00:00