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American 1 Credit Union Gives Gift to Jackson YMCA Capital Campaign

amoAmerican 1 Credit Union and the Jackson YMCA announced a new partnership agreement, which includes a $600,000 gift from American 1 to the Jackson YMCA’s Capital Campaign.

The gift, approved by the American 1 Board of Directors, is designated for the naming of the lobby of the new Jackson YMCA building. The YMCA’s Capital Campaign is a $25 million project to replace the current aging facility with a larger modern structure. The new facility will provide access for those with limited mobility, increase space for further development and growth, and will provide room for licensed child care among other needs.

“We believe that American 1 and the Jackson YMCA are well-aligned in our common purpose to welcome and serve all citizens as we seek to create a healthier community – be it physical health, social responsibility or financial wellness,” shared American 1 CEO Martha Fuerstenau. “Our gift is designated for the lobby of the new Y, where children and adults of every race, faith, age, occupation, state of physical health and well-being will pass through as they engage in the all of the opportunities of the new facility. They will walk into a welcoming place to learn, play, and gather for generations to come. American 1 is thrilled to do our part to make this important transformation a reality.”

“We are so appreciative of American 1’s investment in a new YMCA facility because it is an investment in the future of our community,” said Jackson YMCA CEO Shawna Tello. “American 1’s commitment to serving all is one we share; it is the foundation of our mission, and their gift brings us closer to building a better Y for all.”

Nearly 1,000 people visit the Jackson Y each day to improve their health, socialize, attend a youth camp, take a class and learn new skills. The announcement of the major gift from American 1 brings the Y to the $14 million mark of the campaign, which began in 2017. The Jackson YMCA Capital Campaign is led by Consumers Energy Vice President, Scott McIntosh.

“We are impressed with the collaborative nature of this large project,” said American 1 Board Chairman Philip E. Hoffman Jr. “The Y works with many community groups and non-profit organizations to provide the life-changing experiences it offers today. The plan for a new Y will include space for additional collaboration with more partners not available elsewhere. Our investment in this campaign represents American 1’s commitment to all segments of our community. The goal of the Jackson YMCA Capital Campaign is bold, and we believe when it is complete the new Y will be a force for positive transformation in Jackson.”

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