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TLC Youth Financial Literacy Program Celebrates a Year of Learning

TLC Community Credit Union’s Youth Financial Literacy (YFL) staff celebrated one year with 215 student volunteers from 11 Lenawee County elementary schools as they conclude another successful year of student-run, in-school credit union branch programs.

Each in-school branch simulates the functions and roles of a real branch. The volunteer positions include branch manager, tellers, auditors, bookkeepers and computer operators. TLC and other local business partners recognize the students’ hard work at the year-end celebrations that include pizza, beverages and prizes.

During the 2018-19 school year, there were 654 student depositors, with 61% of those reaching their savings goal. The students saved a total of $30,266.00 which is an awesome achievement.  Students who participate find it is a great way to learn about financial responsibility and have fun at the same time.

Lilly Wurm, youth financial education supervisor, stated, “The student workers look forward to volunteering each week and working as a team to promote financial education in their schools. It is rewarding to watch them learn about the value of money, the importance of setting goals and then saving for those goals. This celebration is the TLC YFL team’s way of recognizing all their hard work and accomplishments. The YFL Team truly enjoys working with the youth of Lenawee and giving back to our community.”

To encourage TLC youth members to continue developing good saving habits during the summer months, each student depositor will receive a free gift when they come into any TLC branch during the months of July or August to make a deposit.

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