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MCCU's CU In School Program Celebrates with Classroom Champions

Marshall Community Credit Union’s CU In School program recently held their second (this school year) month long contest they call “Battle of the Grades.”

The contest ran March 1-29 at six of MCCU’s CU In School branches, including: Gordon Elementary, Hughes Elementary, Mar Lee, Marshall Academy, Walters Elementary and Wattles Park Elementary. The object of the contest was to see which grade level could make the most deposits at their school’s CU In School branch.

In the end, a total of 460 deposits were made, totaling nearly $3,320! Each winning grade level won a popsicle party, put on by MCCU CU In School Youth Representatives, Andrea Tucker and Janell Quinn.

The winning classrooms from each school are as follows:

  • Mr. Nycz and Ms. Robinson’s 1st grade classrooms at Gordon Elementary (total of 24 deposits)
  • Ms. Veale and Ms. Price’s 3rd grade classrooms at Hughes Elementary (total of 34 deposits)
  • Ms. Rocco’s 3rd grade classroom at Mar Lee (total of 19 deposits)
  • Mr. Perez’s 6th grade classroom at Marshall Academy (total of 28 deposits)
  • Mr. Murray, Ms. Ray and Ms. Tobin’s 5th grade classrooms at Walters Elementary (total of 24 deposits)
  • Ms. Taft, Ms. Joostberns and Ms. Kloosterman’s 3rd grade classrooms at Wattles Park Elementary (total of 16 deposits)

For more information about the CU In School program, contact Andrea Tucker, MCCU Financial Education Coordinator, at 269.781.9885 or via email.

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