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Significant Win for Credit Unions Against ADA Website Lawsuits

On Jan. 3, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed an ADA website accessibility case against the Department of Labor Federal Credit Union based in Washington, D.C.

The court stated the plaintiff lacked standing as they are not a member of the credit union and are not eligible to become a member of the credit union. It was revealed that the plaintiff did not have plans to become a member and there was no action the court could take to make him eligible, and under these circumstances, the court specifically stated, “there can be no injury in fact.”

Additionally, the court cited the Federal Credit Union Act forbids an individual from taking advantage of any of the credit union’s products or services because they do not share the “common bond” of those who may become members, severing any connection between the credit union and the plaintiff’s alleged “injury.”

Similar cases have been seen across the country since 2016. The Michigan Credit Union League, together with the Credit Union National Association, is hopeful this decision will help put an end to these frivolous suits.

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2019-01-04 00:00:00