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Chief Financial CU Offers Tips for "SMART" ATM Use

In the wake of a recent card scam, Chief Financial Credit Union reminds members to practice “SMART” ATM use. These tips can ensure safer ATM use for individuals across Metro Detroit and throughout Michigan.

Safety first always. 

Using an ATM can come with risks in addition to the presence of skimming devices. Pay attention to your surroundings before you even approach the ATM. Are there people lingering around, seemingly for no reason? Is the area well-lit? Be open to and trust your gut feelings.

Monitor your account activity regularly.

One of the fastest ways to catch and stop fraud is by monitoring your account activity regularly. Online banking and mobile apps make it extremely easy to check in quickly and conveniently.

Acknowledge and Ask questions when things look out of place.

If something doesn’t look right on the machine — maybe there is a piece of tape or cloth covering the camera, or the area where you insert your card seems loose — look further before proceeding with your transaction. 

Rethink using that ATM.

There are usually other ATMs rather close to the machine or location that is making you suspicious. Finding another ATM is as easy as typing “ATM near me” into Google Maps. This might add 10 minutes to your trip, but in the long run it could save you hours and hundreds (or thousands) of dollars.

Tell someone at the financial institution.

Most often, skimming devices are caught by people practicing SMART ATM usage and bringing the problem to the attention of the financial institution. The credit union movement is all about “people helping people,” and that is what we are all doing by raising a red flag when something about an ATM seems off. We would much rather you say something and be wrong than not say something and have been right!

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