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MSGCU Announces Winners of High School Marketing Competition

MSGCU HS Marketing WinnersMichigan Schools and Government Credit Union (MSGCU) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 High School Marketing Campaign Competition. This year, Oakland Schools Technical Campus Northeast in Pontiac took first place, with Troy Athens High School and Oakland Schools Technical Campus Northwest taking second and third places, respectively.

The education-based competition challenges groups of high school students currently studying marketing to develop a marketing campaign for the MSGCU Youth Credit Program. The teams compete as ad agencies by pitching their comprehensive campaign to a panel of MSGCU and local marketing experts. Through their research, analysis and formal presentation of recommendations, the teams enhance their collaborative and project management skills while gaining valuable real-world experience from a financial marketing perspective.

“The Oakland Schools Technical Campus Northeast Team presented a fresh concept that was right on target for the teen audience,” said MSGCU’s vice president of marketing and business development, Lorie Dietz. “The team was well prepared with innovative ideas related to the program, and they delivered the assignment quite professionally.”

Several high schools participated in the competition and delivered thoughtful and innovative ideas, including Oakland Schools Technical Campus Northeast, Oakland Schools Technical Campus Northwest, Sterling Heights High School and Troy Athens High School. The winning campaigns were:

1st Place: Oakland Schools Technical Campus Northeast

Instructors: Mrs. Diehl and Mr. Teller

Campaign Name: “Genuine Vision"

Students: Ayla Costello, Mikal Goodman, Brisa Medina, Dakota Passage

2nd Place: Troy Athens High School

Instructor: Mr. Holder

Campaign Name: “Helping Hands"

Students: David Fobear, Alexa Rexha, Adam Steiner

3rd Place: Oakland Schools Technical Campus Northwest

Instructor: Mr. Neal and Mr. Matousek

Campaign Name: “Youth Economic Efficiency Training"

Students: Tyler Corey, Bethany Mathews, Theresa Suran, Adam Zill

“The teams went above and beyond to come together and present their recommendations on a subject they previously knew nothing about,” said MSGCU’s marketing manager, Virginia Guzinski. “Truly a learning experience and a job well done.”

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