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MCUL GAC: 2017 State Lawmaker and Staffer of the Year

2017 Lawmaker and Staffer of the Year

Left to right: Policy Advisor Mike Wisniewski, MCUL President/COO Ken Ross, Senator Curtis Hertel, Jr.

This morning, at the 2018 Michigan Credit Union League (MCUL) Government Affairs Conference (GAC), MCUL President/COO Ken Ross presented the 2017 State Lawmaker and Staffer of the Year Awards. Senator Curtis Hertel, Jr. of the 23rd District received the 2017 State Lawmaker of the Year Award and Mike Wisniewski, policy advisor for Representative Diana Farrington, received the 2017 State Staffer of the Year Award.

2017 State Lawmaker of the Year

Senator Hertel has been serving in the Michigan Senate since January of 2015. He served as Register of Deeds for Ingham County for six years prior to becoming a state senator, and was also an Ingham County Commissioner for eight years.

Senator Hertel currently serves as Minority Vice Chair of the Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee. He has been a consistent supporter of the credit union industry and, as he accepted his award, he talked about the joy he has found working with credit unions throughout his career in public service.

2017 State Staffer of the Year

Wisniewski serves as Rep. Farrington’s policy advisor. While he has not served long in the State House, he has proven to be a quick learner and a great asset to MCUL staff. In his role supporting the Financial Services Committee Chairwoman, Wisniewski frequently reaches out to seek feedback from Michigan credit unions.

Wisniewski consistently listens to the concerns of Rep. Farrington’s constituents, and has assisted in helping foster several relationships with local credit union leaders. Whether assisting with a scheduling request or preparing a policy brief, he always provides quality service and is willing to hear all sides of an issue. He is also a lifetime credit union member, so he understands firsthand the benefits credit unions provide and the value they place on their members as a people.

MCUL is grateful for the leadership displayed by Wisniewski and Senator Hertel. Without their strong support and advocacy, Michigan’s credit unions could not serve their members.

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