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"Socialutions" Presentation Provides Insight Into the Power of the Social Campaign

The Michigan Credit Union League’s Lending & Marketing Conference took place March 20–21 in Grand Rapids. The conference is a two-day event that features expert insights in the fields of lending and marketing, networking opportunities and vendors sharing products to help better serve member needs.

A popular first-day session was “Socialutions: Navigating the Ever-Changing Landscape of Social Media” with Aaron Kluck of CU Solutions Group (CUSG). Kluck directs CUBE TV Studios, a credit-union focused video production house at CUSG. In the session, he discussed the value of the social campaign as part of a larger marketing strategy.

To begin crafting effective social media campaigns, Kluck said you need a “solidified brand, voice and design that will allow you to clearly project your credit union’s purpose and image.”

Kluck used larger brands like Oreo, Nike, McDonalds and the American Cancer Society to demonstrate aspects of building successful social campaigns within the context of a holistic organizational identity. He discussed how campaigns are extensions of an existing social marketing strategy with a defined purpose and timeline.

“A social campaign has a bit of room to move. It becomes a more driven part of your social campaign,” said Kluck. “A social campaign and day-to-day social strategy should work together without one overpowering the other.”

Creating a successful social campaign involves defining clear goals, creating a cadence for your content, crafting purposeful posts that line up with your overarching brand strategy and monitoring analytics to assess success.

Some of the major benefits of using social campaigns are low cost, fast results and flexibility. Kluck also briefly outlined the benefits of each major social platform: Facebook, a storytelling platform and “home base” for most social campaigns; Twitter, a platform for short-form text, photos and videos; and Instagram, owned by Facebook and ideal for images and videos.

Kluck wrapped up by saying it’s a lot of work, but it’s important to use social and use it well.

“The social voice carries the brand from the physical to the digital space,” he said. “In a market driven by constant interaction, the social campaign is one of the most prominent tools to help expand an audience that is both engaged and accessible.”

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