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Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union Employee Awarded Bright Idea Award

Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union (AAACU) employees are being awarded for building an entrepreneurial spirit and seeking out change within the workplace.

In 2015, AAACU implemented the Bright Idea Award program to give employees a voice within the credit union, creating an open environment for change and innovation with continuous improvements.

Employees receive a $50 incentive for each idea that is implemented and are eligible to win a yearly prize, which is awarded to the employee whose idea was most in tune with AAACU member owners. Since the inception of the program, 238 ideas have been submitted and 42 have been implemented.

The 2017 Bright Idea Award winner was Marisa Nunn, AAACU’s Tawas branch loan officer. Her suggestion was to add a form to AAACU’s website that allows members and non-members to schedule appointments with one of the credit union’s 16 certified financial counselors. The addition of this form has helped members start building financially strong futures and strengthened relationships between the credit union and the communities it serves.

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2018-03-16 00:00:00